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We come from all over the world, but share the same values and ideals. We have different starting points but march toward the same destination.

Foreign Trade Documenter

1. Operate export business: arranging transportation, making inspection, customs declaration documents, insurance policy, bill of lading confirmation, customs clearance information, letter of credit, etc.;
2. Produce and confirm a full set of export documents (such as bills of lading, packing lists, invoices, certificates of origin, etc.) based on customer requirements;
3. Coordinate with the business department and finance department to complete the work of the order; 
4. Handle other tasks assigned by the supervisor.

1. Identify with the frontier values and be interested in foreign trade.
2. Bachelor degree or above, with international trade or chemical related majors.
3. CET-4 or above; business English proficiency.
4. Skilled in using Office software with professional qualities.
5. Outgoing, good interpersonal skills.

Foreign Trade Merchandiser

1. Develop and maintain customers in foreign markets;
2. Complete quantitative work requirements and independently solve tasks;
3. Complete other tasks assigned by supervisors.

1. Identify with our values, like to communicate, love foreign trade development work.
2. Chemical related majors, bachelor degree or above;
3. Fluent English
4. Proactive, work under pressure, good sense of teamwork.

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