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Under the circumstance of Children's Day and Dragon Boat Festival, our first art competition- The graffiti kingdom was cheerily hold with the help of our lovely “Leading Chemers” and adorable children.

No rules, No games! In order to attract everyone's enthusiasm on this wonderful event, from a fair and relaxed perspective, we established the following rule: on May 31st, all participants will receive a duck egg at the reception desk which was the sketchpad where adults and children can only make paints on. The egg will be returned to the front desk for marking and voting on the morning of June 2.

Although this was the first competition, everyone’s enthusiasm was blowing! We received uncountable eggs painted with cute and brilliant idea. In the end, the best three eggs were selected by voting. To encourage these three winners and all involved, a small awarding ceremony was held in the afternoon. During the ceremony, we were all blown away by these wild imaginations and it’s even more important that some of the works in this activity were created by the children themselves.

This event could not be that successful without the participating of our colleagues and their baby children. We are so much excited to make such a interesting and meaningful events again in the future. The intention of the activity was trying to relax the intense schedule and our mind from the busy works.  Furthermore, it is a great chance to show and improve our skills.

Finally, we wish everyone a happy dragon boat festival and may we all be the children that deeply in the heart.

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