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Feeling the warm autumn sun, our “Leading chemers” were gathered again to present the third team bonding at the Nanjing's most beautiful village - Bulao Village. Bulao Village is located at the south side of Laoshan Mountain. It is adjacent to the Seven Buddha Temple and surrounded by Xiangshan Lake. In this spot, the noise of the city is a far-off murmur.

Everyone gathered in the lobby of the party venue on time at 2 PM, and the host led us to start this exciting team bonding! People were divided into four groups which the group with the most check points will be the winner. Activities such as "Finding the Beauty", "Shake Music", and other unique competitions were carried out. At the beginning, "Finding the Beauty" relied on each group's understanding of the pictures and the cooperation between the groups, quickly restoring the two pictures, and each group cooperated tacitly. "Shake music" requires the cooperation of each individual. It is not often to see the limits of every participating member. The boys fight with courage, the ladies dance with grace. These unique competitions connected everyone's mind, emotions and happiness.

After spending a blissful afternoon, no other reward is better than feeding with tasty meal. At the beginning, we encountered some problems due to the lack of experience on the barbecue. We were not able to set the fire up in the iron stove. Yet it can never beat “Leading chemers”. All problems were solved perfectly with everyone’s help. A pit of seasoning, a shiny fire, you can hear the squeaking of the carbon wood and the smell of the meat. At this point, you don't have any thoughts other than cravings for food. Eating, drinking, and chatting seems to become the best activities we can ever have.

The hot summer has passed away same as our worries and nativities. The cool breeze blow into our hearts through this team bonding to release the pressure of work. We are more than satisfied with this event and could not help for next one.

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