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Sodium Sulfite

Cas No.:7757-83-7
Product Name Sodium Sulfite
Synonyms Anhydrous Sodiumsulfite
CAS No. 7757-83-7
Molecular Formula Na2O3S
Structural Formula 图层53
Molecular Weight 126.04
Appearance White or light yellow crystal or crystal powder
Purity(GC) 98%
Package 25kg /50kg bag
Application Anhydrous sodium sulfite can be used as a stabilizer of man-made fiber, a bleaching agent of fabric, a photographic developer, a deoxidizer of dyeing and bleaching, and a reducing agent of spices and dyestuff.
It can be used as a deoxidizer and bleaching agent in the printing and dyeing industry, and used in the cooking of various cotton fabrics, which can prevent the local oxidation of cotton fiber and affect the fiber strength, and improve the whiteness of the cooking products.
It can also be used to make cellulose sulfite ester, sodium thiosulfate, organic chemicals, bleaching fabrics, etc. It is also used as a reducing agent, preservative, dechlorinating agent, etc.


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Product Category

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