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Sending Flowers To The Goddesses In Nanjing Leading Chemical Company

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On the occasion of Women's Day, in order to make the female compatriots have a happy holiday, strengthen the communication between colleagues, create a healthy, harmonious and positive holiday atmosphere, and further enhance the work enthusiasm of female employees who love their jobs and are willing to contribute, the flower sending activity was carried out in Nanjing Leading Chemical Company before March 8.

On the morning of March 8, all female employees of the company saw the roses with cards on their desks as soon as they arrived at the company. The vibrant red was the favorite color of women. Everyone’s card also had their own blessing. Of course, not only our female colleagues received roses, but also our male colleagues got roses on their desks to remind themselves to send their wives holiday blessings.

This Women's Day activity has enriched our daily work and life, allowing us to enjoy life at work and feel warm and happy at work. Nanjing Leading Chemical Company wishes all the goddesses of the company a happy holiday!

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