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Polyamide 66

Cas No.:32131-17-2
Product Name Polyamide 66
Synonyms PA66, Nylon 66 Resin
CAS No. 32131-17-2
Molecular Formula (C12H22N2O2)n
Structural Formula  Polyamide 66_1595_393
Molecular Weight -
Appearance Solid
Content -
Package 25KG/BAG

PA66 resin has excellent heat resistance, chemical resistance, high strength, easy processing and other characteristics. Without compounding, it can meet the requirements for cable ties, coil framework, terminal platform and other products.PA66 resin is suitable for compounding and injection moulding, also widely used in spinning monofilament, staple. Terminal applications mainly in machinery, electronics, electrical, instrumentation, automotive components, railway, home appliances, communications, textile, oil pipe/tank and precision engineering products, etc.,can be used for the production of film, packing, medical equipment, sporting goods, and daily necessities and so on.


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Product Category

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