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Lactic Acid

Cas No.:50-21-5
Product Name Lactic acid
CAS No. 50-21-5
Molecular Formula C3H6O3
Structural Formula 图层47
Molecular Weight 90.08
Appearance Colorless to yellow liquid
Purity(GC) 80%
Package 20kg drum
Application Lactic acid, lactate ,and its derivatives are widely used in food, medicine, feed, chemical industry ,and other fields.
Due to its soft and stable acidity, lactic acid contributes to the flavor of foods and is widely used as an acidulant, preservative, and reducing agent in the food industry. It can be used in the production of refreshing beverages, candies, and pastries, as well as in the processing and preservation of fish, meat, and vegetables. Compared with edible acids such as citric acid and malic acid, it is highly competitive.
Lactic acid can be used for lime removal in the tanning industry, it can make lime into soluble calcium lactate salt and remove it, which makes leather soft and fine, thus making high-grade leather.
The crude ammonium lactate solution obtained from lactic acid fermentation can be directly used as feed additives for ruminants to increase the protein needed by humans. The fermentation solution of lactic acid bacteria, if diluted with water, can be watered in rice and other crops, with the effect of improving the soil and increasing the yield; it can also be used directly as a pharmaceutical agent, sprayed in artificial aquaculture shrimp and other aquaculture sites, which can prevent and control diseases of aquatic products.


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