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Garbage Collection Activity In Nanjing Leading Chemical Company

Views: 0     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2022-05-01      Origin: Site

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In response to the company's construction concept of green and environmental protection, on the afternoon of May 1, a group of 10 volunteers from Nanjing Leading Chemical Company carried out a voluntary service activity of "cleaning up garbage and beautifying the environment" in the park. Take practical actions to help build a civilized city.

The volunteers who participated in the activity, with garbage bags in hand, take positive action. Through the joint efforts of everyone, the environmental sanitation of the park lawn will be renewed, and the passers-by will stroll in this pure land, enjoying themselves physically and mentally, and praise the volunteers one after another.

After the event, the volunteer Dai Zhenyuan said, "During the event, everyone bent over to pick up garbage, and soon felt sad. This also made us realize the hard work and hard work of urban sanitation workers to beautify the environment. I hope you can cherish and protect the urban environment more, which is our bounden responsibility."

This activity not only actively responded to the call of the company, but also improved the sense of participation and responsibility of Nanjing Leading Chemical Company staff for the social civilization and environment. Through this activity, everyone expressed their willingness to participate, and also hoped that such green public welfare activities could be organized in the future.

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