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Embracing Childlike Wonder, Crafting A Bright Future — Join The Fun on International Children's Day

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Nanjing Leading Chemical Co. Ltd is infusing joy into the daily grind with the second installation of our thrilling ring toss event! Our admin team has put together a treasure trove of tiny treats, ready to be snatched up by the top five luckiest ducks with the highest scores. And for the champion, a mysterious mega prize awaits!

Buzz is in the air as everyone wonders who'll walk away with the goods. Lines form with excitement as participants gear up to show off their throwing prowess. Eyes locked, arms aimed, and rings launched with precision — one, two, three... The points pile up, and the energy surges. In a dazzling display of skill, our very own "fitness guru" snagged the top spot, bagging the ultimate bounty: a duo pass to a family-friendly water wonderland!

Moving forward, LeadingChem is dedicated to nurturing our staff and the young ones, with a calendar chock-full of engaging activities. We're also committed to cultivating a culture that's as vibrant as it is supportive, offering a workplace that's ripe for growth and realization of dreams. Here, everyone can ignite their passions and watch them soar!


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