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Chromium Propionate

Cas No.:85561-43-9
Product Name Chromium Propionate
Synonyms Propanoic acid, chromium(3+) salt
CAS No. 85561-43-9
Molecular Formula C9H15CrO6
Structural Formula 图层57
Molecular Weight 271.21
Appearance Light gray-green fine particles or powder
Purity(GC) 30/50/98%
Package 25 bag or drum
Application Chromium propionate has a higher solubility in the digestive tract compared to chromium picolinate. This excellent solubility results in more chromium being available for absorption in the small intestine, which is key to improving efficacy. Improved chromium absorption enhances the metabolic benefits of chromium, such as increased clearance of glucose from the blood to various tissues and organs, including muscle. Depending on the animal's level of requirement, increased glucose clearance increases the amount of energy available to the pig and may optimize overall performance.


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Product Category

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