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Calcium Propionate

Cas No.:4075-81-4
Product Name Calcium Propionate
CAS No. 4075-81-4
Molecular Formula C3H8CaO2
Structural Formula 图层41
Molecular Weight 116.17
Appearance Crystals or Crystalline Powder
Purity(GC) 99% / 99%-100.5%
Package 10kgcarton or 25kg bag
Application Used as preservative and anti-mold agent in food or feed industry. As a food preservative propionate, calcium propionate is mainly used in bread because sodium propionate raises the ph of bread and delays the fermentation of raw flour; sodium propionate is mostly used in pastry because the puffing of pastry uses synthetic puffing agents without the yeast development problems caused by rising pH.
In medicine, propionate can be made into a bulk, solution and ointment for the treatment of diseases caused by skin parasitic mold. Ointment (liquid) contains 12.3% sodium propionate, and bulk contains 15% calcium propionate.


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Product Category

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