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A Huge Breakthrough - Winning the EcoVadis silver medal

Views: 0     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2021-02-19      Origin: Site

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Recently, Leading Chem Ltd. received a best score of 56 points in the evaluation of EcoVadis and won the EcoVadis silver medal.

EcoVadis is an international authoritative rating agency for corporate social responsibility, In this rating report, we achieved significant improvements, especially in sustainable procurement and the environment, which has produced a positive image of its rating.

EcoVadis is a globally recognized authoritative evaluation organization for corporate social responsibility, which analyzes and evaluates corporate social responsibility from four categories: environment, labor and human rights, business ethics and sustainable procurement, and provides improvement guidance to help enterprises improve their CSR level and enhance their credibility and competitiveness in the international market. The results are divided into four grades: "Platinum" (top 1%), "Gold" (top 5%), "Silver" (top 25%) and "Copper" (top 50%). Currently, more than 70,000 companies worldwide use EcoVadis to assess their corporate social responsibility.

This is the third time that Frontier Chemical has been evaluated by EcoVadis since 2019, and its score has exceeded itself for the first time compared with the previous two times, reflecting that the company's social responsibility and sustainable development capabilities have steadily improved year by year. And the EcoVadis evaluation percentage ranked 70th, which means that Frontier Chemical has been recognized by EcoVadis in corporate social responsibility implementation and sustainable development planning.

We will operate more strictly in accordance with the requirements of existing standards, continuously improve the level of sustainable development, and strive to give Frontier Chemical a more excellent answer to the sustainable development in the future.

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